Items We need at the Temple

Dear Devotees,

We require certain items either daily or frequently, and we would greatly appreciate it if you could donate these items to the temple to assist us. While you are doing your household shopping, you may also consider adding an extra item to donate to the temple.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity in supporting our temple. Your contributions are essential in helping us maintain and improve the temple for everyone's benefit.


EHMCC Committee

Kitchen Items

Temple Kitchen cook food for the devotees on regular basis. Currently, sufficient stock is available. Thank you for your donation and keeping Temple Kitchen up and running.

Sunflower Oil

Any Size bottle is welcome

Chana Dal

Any Size packet is welcome

Urad Dal

Any Size packet is welcome


Any Size packet is welcome


Any Size Bag is welcome


Any Size packet is welcome


Any Size packet is welcome

Red Chilli Powder

Any Size packet is welcome

Kasuri Methi

Any Size packet is welcome

Wheat Flour

Any Size Bag is welcome


Any Size Bag is welcome

Chopped Tomato Tins

Any Size Tins are  welcome

Corriander Powder

Any Size packet is welcome

Cleaning Items

We also need to care about hygiene in the temple kitchen, Temple Hall, Community Halls and toilets.

Kitchen Towel

Any Size is welcome

Toilet Rolls

Any Size is welcome

Surface Cleaning Wipes

Any Size is welcome

Fairy Dishwasher Liquid

Any Size bottle is welcome

Infrastructure Items

Items needed to improve the infrastructure of the temple.

Stackable Chairs

We need 150 Chairs
Each cost Approx £20, You can donate any number

Flag at the Roof

Sponsor the installation of the flag on the temple's roof

Banner at the enterance

Sponsor the banner of the temple's name at the enterance

Feedback Speaker

Bhajan Team needs a feedback speaker to keep the volume reasonably low.

Approx £150

Support the Building work

We are extending the building at the work.

  • New bigger kitchen
  • More ladies toilets ( We have only one at the moment)
  • more gents toilets
  • Disable Toilet
  • Shower Room

Donate at

Folding Table

We need around 30 Folding tables.

Each cost approx £30, You can donate any number of tables.

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Please consider supporting us for noble cause.

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