Preeti Bhoj Guide lines

Preeti Bhoj Guidelines

You can book your Preeti Bhoj request on You can select one of the following options.

 Preeti Bhoj ( £501 +  Cleaner’s Charges*)

 Sunday Preeti Bhoj ( £301 +  Cleaner’s Charges*) - Discounted by £200

£50 Deposit upfront - Will be returned when Hall, Kitchen returned in satisfactory condition

 Temple will provide the following fixed menu.

  • 1 x Rice
  • 1 x Dal
  • 1 x Veg Subji
  • 1 x Chapati/Puri
  • 1 x sweet ( Kheer etc)

 If Yajman wishes to add any items, have to provide ingredients. For Example

  • Raita - Provide Yogurt and boondi/cucumbers etc
  • Salad - Bring all the ingredients
  • Add Paneer in the Subzi - provie paneer 

 If yajman wishes to make any change please contact the Kitchen Team to check if we can accommodate your change. Additional charges may apply.

 * Cleaner’s Charges - £15 Per hour. Usually £60 for 4 hours


Preeti Bhoj on Festival Day

The temple will serve the devotees on Festival Day. Multiple Yajmans can contribute towards the expense. 


Guidelines for the Preeti Bhoj

Kitchen Team Responsibilities

  1. Prasad Preparation: The Kitchen Team is responsible for preparing prasad for all temple events, including Sunderkand, Mata ki Chowki, Jagarata, and other occasions.
  2. Menu Decisions: While suggestions for the menu are welcome, the final decision on the menu will be made by the Kitchen Team. These decisions will be binding for the Yajman.

Yajman Responsibilities

  1. Cleaning Duties:

    • The Yajman is responsible for ensuring the dining area and kitchen are thoroughly cleaned before and after the Preeti Bhoj.
    • One member of the Yajman team must remain present until the cleaning process is completed.
  2. Volunteer Coordination:

    • The Yajman must arrange for volunteers to wash the steel plates used during the event.
    • Volunteers must also be organized to assist with both cooking and cleaning duties.
  3. Cooking Assistance:

    • The Yajman is required to provide help specifically for preparing roti or puris.
    • Yajman can help the kitchen team as a kitchen volunteer during the cooking process. Yajmans are not allowed to call outside Chefs to cook the food. This decision will solely remain with the kitchen team
  4. Waste Management:

    • The Yajman should take necessary steps to avoid food waste, ensuring efficient use and distribution of food.
  5. Financial Contribution:

    • A cash contribution of £50-£70 should be brought by the Yajman for the cleaner.

General Guidelines

  1. Volunteer Support: Any additional volunteers willing to help with the Preeti Bhoj are always welcome and appreciated.
  2. Decision Authority:
    • The Kitchen Team retains the right to make or change decisions related to the menu and other kitchen-related matters at their discretion.
    • The Kitchen Team is authorized to get help from the professional when needed
    • Management reserves the right to make the necessary changes without prior notice

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