Goal and Mission

Our Aims

The Edinburgh Hindu Mandir & Cultural Centre is established for the advancement of religion, culture and arts and specifically:

  • To promote Hinduism through regular meetings at the Mandir
  • To promote a better understanding of the Hindu culture by celebrating popular festivals and by inviting other communities to participate at all such festivals
  • To provide facilities for cultural and arts and recreational activities for the Hindu community and encourage members of other communities to participate in such activities
  • To provide and maintain a library on Hindu religion, culture and arts


Our Equal Opportunities Policy

  • The Edinburgh Hindu Mandir & Cultural Center is committed to promoting an equal opportunities policy that will reflect good practice by actively discouraging discriminatory behaviour on the grounds of race, religion, color, nationality, age, gender, marital status or disability.


  • Edinburgh Hindu Mandir recognize that Scotland is a multi-cultural society and believes that cultural diversity positively enriches our society. This belief is reflected in the commitment of the Hindu Mandir and Cultural to promoting and encouraging wider access to Indian arts and cultural activities within Scotland.


The Edinburgh Hindu Mandir will develop and maintain procedures and systems for monitoring the progress of the Equal Opportunities Policy in practice. Monitoring will involve the collection of relevant information related to:


  • Changes in organisational procedures (for example recruitment procedures such as advertising).
  • Specific initiatives (for example if a program is set up to encourage elderly participation, results would be monitored by a defined criteria).
  • Qualitative monitoring (for example by observation) of the ways people are working within the Edinburgh Hindu Mandir and Cultural Center and within specific Edinburgh Hindu Mandir cultural initiatives.


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